The Man with the Reptilian Tongue

Slick. Shifty. Self-absorbed. He was not a well-liked man, but somehow he managed to make everyone and anyone hang on his every word, his every judgment.

“Ellen should be married by now based on her inheritance alone, but she just can’t stop eating cheesecake.”

“We’re bros Jon, but you have to stop reading comic books and wearing those t-shirts. No one likes cheesy super hero geeks. Not in middle school anymore, you know?”

“Sammy loves being the hot girl in the office. She tries way too hard. Seriously, those skirts have to be her little sister’s or something.”

He couldn’t stop his cruel streak and the more he became known for this, the worse it became. He grew bolder and soon it became an office-wide obsession to know his latest comment and the resulting victim. The question on everyone’s mind was if he could even control it anymore. The monster he created became a self-fulfilling prophecy. He was an animal with no logic, lashing out wildly at anyone foolish enough to attract his attention.

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Trifecta Week Ninety-Six: Animal